HIT09 has great expertise on turbomachinery analysis, design and optimization, thanks to a fruitful technological transfer from the University of Padova. We offer:

  • Preliminary design of steam and gas turbine stages using an in-house code for performance prediction;
  • Aerodynamic performance improvement of turbomachinery cascades using advanced optimization techniques;
  • Coupled aerodynamic/structural optimization of turbomachinery;
  • Analysis of seal leakage flows in compressor and turbine stages;
  • Aero-thermal simulations, multi-phase flows;
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions in turbojet combustors by direct water/steam injection;
  • Validated in-house engine deck simulation tool for design and analysis of gas turbines.

In addition, HIT09 designs small turbojet and turbo-shaft engines suitable for application to ultra-light aircrafts and helicopters, gliders, UAV and energy generation.

In particular, HIT09 has identified target customers in the subsector of Small Manned Aerial Vehicles (SMAV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and proposes high power-to-weight ratio propulsion systems. Small gas turbines have intrinsic advantages over other propulsion systems when applied in SMAVs and UAVs, which include higher power-to-weight ratio, fuel flexibility and small power de-rating, as well as a better vibration behaviour. Also, pollutant emissions are generally of lesser concern. On the other hand, some drawbacks are generally found in higher costs and higher specific fuel consumptions. Actually, these drawbacks have generally led to either unsuccessful implementations or prevented the use of gas turbines on SMAVs and UAVs.

By means of a dedicated design we are capable of reducing costs by a factor of 2 with respect to conventional gas turbines. On the other hand, the design of a special recuperated cycle allows us to nearly halve the specific fuel consumption. Other advantages include fuel flexibility and limited power de-rating with flight altitude. Our goal is to definitely implement technological solutions for making small gas turbines efficient and competitive. We can provide full engineering services and customized prototype design.

Current available designs are a turbojet in the size of 175 daN thrust and a turbo-shaft in the range of 120 kW.