HIT09 has gained a meaningful expertise and proven track-records in the aerospace sector, thanks to well established collaborations with some of the major aeronautical players in Europe.

Specific applications include:

  • External aerodynamics over complex airplanes and helicopters fuselages;
  • Analysis of internal flows (intakes, ducts, pipes);
  • Multi-purpose shape optimization of aircraft components;
  • Simulation and optimization of engine installation;
  • Fluid-structure interaction;
  • Multi-objective Helicopter rotor blade optimization;
  • Simulation of store separation;
  • Analysis, simulation and optimization of aero engines, including pollutant and noise emissions;
  • Optimization of aircraft trajectories for minimum perceived noise, minimum fuel consumption and minimum pollutant emissions;
  • Morphing surfaces;
  • Analysis and post-processing of wind tunnel data;
  • Design and manufacturing of test structures and test benches / technical demonstrators.