HIT09 can provide customers with a wide variety of numerical analyses, both in the thermal-fluid-dynamics and structural fields, using either commercial or open-source codes and even in-house codes developed for specific needs.

We have a significant expertise in the following fields:

  • Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics simulations, including combustion, fluid in molecular behaviour, multi-phase fluids;
  • Multi-objective, multi-disciplinary optimization using an in-house code based on advanced evolutionary algorithms and coupled with a wide variety of commercial and open-source CAE s/w;
  • Stationary and transient engine deck simulators for the analysis and optimization of jet engines (turbojets, turbofans, ramjets) using a proprietary code;
  • Structural analyses, including materials and fluid-structure interaction;
  • Process modelling;
  • Numerical methods;
  • Customized software development;
  • High Performance Computing capabilities.