Our goal is to transfer technology from University to Industry, demonstrate industrial applicability of innovative ideas and customize breakthrough solutions that otherwise would remain bounded into an academic environment. Our objective is to keep a proactive attitude towards problem solving, high motivation and mind-set towards intellectual competition.
HIT09 is targeted to serve industry with high reactivity and commitment while keeping its research-oriented identity. This is essential for technology transfer and for working in parallel with industry and on long-term R&D projects such as national and European research programs (e.g. FP7 projects).
Actually, we believe that R&D projects must integrate with industry and represent real-life industrial needs, but at the same time we are strongly committed to keep our products and services at a cutting-edge level from a scientific point of view, so as to improve our added value and maximize customers satisfaction.


Our ambition is to become a key partner of both larger companies and innovative SMEs for dedicated and specialized product development thanks to the capability of carrying out successfully both R&D projects and advanced engineering services and definitely meeting customers’ expectations.
In addition, we wish to develop and provide large companies with advanced know-how in gas turbine development through licensing, patenting and copyrighting. Specifically, we believe that small turbojets and turboshaft engines will play a decisive role in supporting SMAV and UAV development. Our goal is to implement technological solutions for making small gas turbines efficient and competitive.