We offer our expertise to meet industrial requirements with the highest commitment and flexibility in a wide range of industrial sectors.
Specifically, we have long-term experience in the design of mechanical systems, automation of production systems and process diagnostics. We have the ability to design industrial systems starting from the customers’ requirements but also to support our partners in identifying the optimal requirements in terms of compromise between efficiency and required time and development costs.
In addition to the realization of complete industrial systems, we also provide on-demand mechanical design services for specific components, including structural and fluid-dynamic analyses.

Our expertise relates mainly to:

  • Thermo-structural design of machines;
  • Diagnosis of process-based and non-contact sensors and vision systems;
  • Vacuum Systems;
  • Heat transfer and Combustion;
  • Pneumatic and Fluidic Systems;
  • Underwater robotic systems;
  • Equipment for medical diagnostics.