Ernesto Benini and Rita Ponza co-authored the EREA Best Paper 2017

Ernesto Benini and Rita Ponza, President and CEO of HIT09 respectively, co-authored a paper that won the EREA Best Paper Award 2017, the prestigious award given every year by the Association of European Research Centres for Aeronautics.

The paper, entitled “Comparison of Optimization Strategies for High-Lift Design” and co-authored by Pierluigi Iannelli from CIRA, Mauro Minervino from Piaggio Aero Industries and Frédéric Moens from ONERA, is the result of a research carried out as part of the European project “DESIREH” (DEsign, SImulation and flight REynolds number testing) and was  also published in the AIAA Journal of Aircraft (Vol 54, No. 2, March-April 2017).

The award was received by Pierluigi Iannelli on November 29, during the EREA Event held in Brussels, from the Chairman of EREA, Bruno Sainjon, and the Director for Policy Development and Coordination at the DG for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Kurt Vandenberghe. More than 20 scientific articles competing for the award were presented by the research centres belonging to EREA and evaluated by an international jury of 9 scientists appointed by the Centres themselves and a Scientific Officer of the European Commission.



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